Stjoerdals Blink Team Details, Competitions And Latest Matches

Our iPhone Slyên ổn Case combines premium protection withbrilliant kiến thiết. The slim profile keeps your tech lookingsleek, while guarding against scuffs & scratches. Justsnap it onkhổng lồ the case and you’re good lớn go.

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Extremely sllặng profileOne-piece build: flexible plastic hard caseOpen button khung for direct access to lớn device featuresImpact resistantEasy snap on and offQi wireless charging supported on iPhone 8 và neweriPhones (case does not need lớn be removed)

Product Note: Case profile may vary slightly from previewimage depending on your location


SHIPPING:Items are made to order & typically shipwithin 3-4 business days.Clichồng here for more information about deliveryoptions.

RETURNS:Return requests can be made within 60 daysof your item(s) delivery.Cliông xã here for more information on returns.

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Q: Are phone cases protective?

A: has a variety of different case styles that add varying levelsof protection. Our slyên ổn case features a snap-on polycarbonate shell andwould provide adequate protection from minor scratches and everydaywear and tear. While our tough case features two-layer construction foradded durability. The tough case includes a polycarbonate outer shell forminor scratches & everyday wear và tear AND an inner silicone linerthat protects against drops and tumbles. The Adventure case is availablefor iPhone 5 through iPhone X models và features a hard polycarbonateshell with a rubber exterior lining and screen protector to lớn offer maximumprotection.

Q: How bởi I get my phone case off?

A: To remove sầu your slyên ổn or tough phone case, simply start bylifting the bottom side or corner then gently work your way around thephone.

Q: Do phone cases work with wireless charging?

A: All slyên ổn và tough phone cases support wireless charging.The adventure case, available for iPhone 5 through iPhone X, does nottư vấn all wireless charging devices due to the additional protectivelayers.

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