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New Licensing PolicyIMPORTANT UPDATE:FULL CCSv6 license files are now available for NO cost và available for download from the below link:.There are no restrictions in regards lớn time, code kích thước, debug probe or target used. This license tệp tin is essentially the same as the full node-locked license mentioned in the (collapsed) information below - with the exception that it is not locked to any MAC address (it is not node-locked). This file can be used as part of the process for.Floating licenses are no longer supported.All of the below (collapsed) information is now legacy information. OverviewCode Composer Studio v6, lượt thích v4 và v5 utilizes software licensing. You need a license tệp tin in order to lớn use CCS. There are several types of licenses available. The license tệp tin determines which features & capabilities are available in CCS.When you run CCS for the first time you will automatically be licensed to our không tính tiền license (see below).
The first time there is a situation requiring a full licence you will be given a choice to activate or test (90 day) CCS. If you have sầu purchased as CCS license you will be able to activate it using the provided activation code. This has the details.CCSv6.2.0 on Linux và MacOS information. These releases use a different licensing implementation. Please check.First Time UseUnlượt thích previous CCS versions, v6 will not prompt you for your license upon first time use. It will automatically start on the miễn phí limited license until manually changed or unallowed hardware is used.License TypesThere are a number of licensing options available for CCS.Free LicensesWe have a number of different free tools options available in CCS.Free License (Free Limited License): This is the license CCSv6 automatically starts using upon installation. CCS can be used for free with many of our community boards, LaunchPads, DSKs and EVMs (Evaluation Module) kits.
You can download CCS và then select to use the không tính tiền license for use with development boards. This CCS will only work with the onboard emulation on the board, debug probes as well as the XDS560v2 mezzanine thẻ & onboard XDS200 available in C6000 multi-core EVM bundles.
You may use this version khổng lồ create production code. This license will work with eZdsp kits. This also now includes a 16KB miễn phí code size limited license available for MSP430 users (32kB for MSP432 TI ARM compiler). With the code kích cỡ limited license you can use all of the features of CCS, you can create production code but the object code kích thước will be limited to 16KB (32kB for MSP432).Evaluation License: Instead of using the limited license listed above you have sầu the option of using a 90 day evaluation license that does not have sầu any of the above sầu restrictions. No code form size limit on MSP430 và no limitation on which debug probe is used. At the kết thúc of the 90 day period for Windows users the license can be extended for an additional 90 days. Once the license has expired you will not be able to use CCS and CCS will prompt you khổng lồ provide a license file.Node Locked LicensesNode locked licenses are tied to lớn a particular machine.
You can use all of the features of CCS but you can only use them on the machines noted in the license file. The license tệp tin allows you to specify 2 MAC addresses. A MAC address is a quality identifier in network adapter. Most new machines have sầu multiple of these.Node locked licenses must be purchased from TI or one of our distributors.Floating LicensesIMPORTANT! Floating licenses are being discontinued và are not available for sale anymore.
Please purchase node-locked licenses instead. For a limited time the node locked licenses are being sold at a discount. Go lớn và tìm kiếm for the term CCS-PROMO.A floating license is a license that is shared between multiple users.
You cài đặt a license hệ thống on your network that allocates licenses to lớn machines running CCS on your network. For example you could purchase a package of 3 floating licenses, these 3 licenses could be used by many different machines và users as long as no more than 3 were in us at the same time. When you start CCS it will connect to the license hệ thống và obtain a license. In the case of a VPS that has a 3-paông chồng floating license, when the first user runs CCS it will check out 1 license & then their will only be 2 licenses on the VPS.

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When that user closes CCS their license is returned to lớn the VPS & there are now 3 licenses available for use on the VPS. CCS is installed on each of the license machines.Upgrading to lớn a new CCSMinor Upgrade (.X): Simply just download và install it và your existing license will work with it.Major Upgrade (X.): You can download the new image but you may need a new license file khổng lồ work with it.
If you are using a không lấy phí license CCS will generate one of those automatically the first time you run it. If you are planning on using a paid professional license then you need to lớn point CCS khổng lồ your license tệp tin.
With CCSv6.1.1 & later it work with your existing Code Composer Studio license file regardless of the version in the license file. For versions before 6.1.1 CCS will kiểm tra the version of the license file.Troubleshooting. Incorrect License Installed: If you accidentally installed an incorrect license file (i.e. Mistyped HostID) & want to lớn install the correct license, delete the ".lic" tệp tin & "licenselocation.txt" & restart CCS:. Each installation of CCS will have its own folder (the "some number" is chất lượng per installation).
You can tìm kiếm your user directory for the files.Part Numbers.Code Composer Studio supports the following processor families: C6000, C55x, C28x, CC25xx, CC26xx, ARM, OMAPhường, DaVinci, Integra, Sitara, KeyStone, Stellaris, Tiva, Hercules Cortex R4F và MSP430.ProductDescriptionPart #CCS node locked licenseSingle user license. Enables you to run CCS on two computers.TMDSCCS-ALLN01CCS single floating licenseMultiple user license. Enables you to run CCS on multiple computers as long as no more than 1 instance is running at a time.TMDSCCS-ALLF01CCS 3-pack floating licenseMultiple user license. Enables you to lớn run CCS on multiple computers as long as no more than 3 instances are running at a time.TMDSCCS-ALLF03CCS 5-paông xã floating licenseMultiple user license.

Enables you khổng lồ run CCS on multiple computers as long as no more than 5 instances are running at a time.TMDSCCS-ALLF05CCS 10-pachồng floating licenseMultiple user license. Enables you to run CCS on multiple computers as long as no more than 10 instances are running at a time.TMDSCCS-ALLF10CCS 25-paông xã floating licenseMultiple user license. Enables you khổng lồ run CCS on multiple computers as long as no more than 25 instances are running at a time.TMDSCCS-ALLF25CCS 50-pack floating licenseMultiple user license. Enables you to run CCS on multiple computers as long as no more than 50 instances are running at a time.TMDSCCS-ALLF50SubscriptionHaving valid subscription was historically used to determine whether or not you would receive sầu major new versions (v5, v6, v7.) when they were released.
If your subscription was up to date then you would be able khổng lồ update your license tệp tin to lớn use the new version. When you purchased CCS it came with 12 months of subscription and you could renew it afterwards.This policy is changing with the release of CCSv6.1.1. We will no longer require you khổng lồ have up to lớn date subscription khổng lồ get the lakiểm tra version. CCS now comes with perpetual subscription.
Meaning you purchase your CCS license once và can use new versions as they are released with no additional fee.License ConversionIt is possible khổng lồ convert your existing license khổng lồ a different type of license. Below are some typical examples.Current LicenseDesired licenseProcessCCS Platinum Free Eval ToolsCCS Node LockedPurchase a CCS a Node Locked license. Take the activation ID và use it khổng lồ generate a node locked license. Drop this license inkhổng lồ your existing CCS installation and re-start CCS.CCS Platinum Free Eval ToolsCCS FloatingPurchase a CCS license for 1 or more floating licenses. Setup a license hệ thống on your network. Use the activation ID lớn generate a license tệp tin.

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Add the license lớn your license VPS. Configure CCS to use the license server & re-start CCS. Detailed instructions for this will be available on a separate wiki page và will also be provided when you purchase a floating license.CCS MSP430 Code Size Limited ToolsCCS Node LockedPurchase a CCS Node Locked license. Take the activation ID & use it to lớn generate a node locked license.