Cracked tooth

Thousands of Europeans were keen lớn buy giả electronic certificates about their vaccination status và kém chất lượng vaccines, according lớn Italian police, who broke up a cyber-crime marketplace over the weekkết thúc. Prices ranged from €110 lớn €130 for an "all inclusive" package of fake pass and kém chất lượng vial of vaccine. "Anyone found with these fake certificates, including buyers, risks ... offences punishable by up khổng lồ six years," Italian police said.

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Europe continues to be one of the most-affected regions in the world by the surge of Covid-19 cases - driven by the spread of the more contagious Delta variant & relaxation of measures.

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An international investigation over the weekover by 17 truyền thông organisations, led by the Paris-based non-profit journalism group Forbidden Stories, said 180 journalists had been targeted by Israeli spyware. Among them were Hungarian reporters.


President Volodymyr Zelensky has begun his third year mired in mid-term unpopularity with a poll showing only 21.8 percent of Ukrainians would vote to re-elect hyên. More than half would prefer hyên ổn not even to lớn run for a second term.


Almost 500 undocumented migrants in Brussels have sầu been demanding a legal pathway for residency in Belgium. Most have been on hunger strike since 23 May, with some now refusing water. MEPs are demanding the Belgium government offer them a solution.

EU legislation khổng lồ clean up supply chains & corporate governance has been delayed after fierce industry lobbying. Voluntary commitments have repeatedly failed, now it is time for decisive regulatory action.

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EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen will continue khổng lồ travel to lớn member states to lớn "personally hand over the assessment" of the EU executive on national Covid-19 recovery plans.