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Is there a way khổng lồ vày this, or to lớn triông xã it into lớn thinking it is activated? I got a old Visio disk here that says it has been activated the max amount of times (because I installed it on my old machice & my old laptop). If this post breaks the rules then you can loông xã it.

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Anti Product Activation Patch 1.7 for Office 2003 và XP======================================================Disables the product activation of Office 2003 & XP& any other related products like Visio, FrontPageMS Project or Visual Studio.Net which uses mso.dll>http:\antiwpa12.tkcw2k

See more: H1Z1 Cracked « Skidrow & Reloaded Games, H1Z1 Just Survive Crack Pc Free Download>Will it work for my version of Office?Try it và you will see.(Backup your mso.dll manually if you"re afraid something can go wrong)The patch scans for byte pattern and don"t uses fix offmix, likesome other cracks which only tư vấn one specific version.For that it will support a wide range of versions, hopefully also comingversions.>The main patch windows popped up twice is this a bug?That"s completely normal if you have also Office XP.. or anyother component installed that uses Office10.The first time Office11mso.dll (Office 2003) is patched andthe second time Office10mso.dll (Office XP).>The about doesn"t display my ProductID?Restore the patch manually (mso.bak -> mso.dll)reapply the patch và clichồng "Yes" - skip PID-patch.>What files modified by the patch?It modifies these 2 files:comtháng filesMicrosoft SharedOFFICE11mso.dllcomtháng filesMicrosoft SharedOFFICE10mso.dlland backup the original in the same dir as mso.bak.Nothing else is changed.>I get: "Can"t open mso.dll for read/write access"Quit any running office applicationsor delete/move mso.bak.>I extracted Anti-MSOPA.exe pháo và applied it the mso.dll of Office 2003 and now Office 2003 crashes.The mso.dll of Office 2003 is CRC-protected - if this self checks failmso.dll will crash without any warning.The task of Anti-MSOPA-Prepatch.exe is to lớn disable these self checks.(For mso.dll of Office XPhường Anti-MSOPA-Prepatch.exe pháo it"s not absolutely necessary)>Patch didn"t work / had no effect / Office crashes ...To ensure that"s because of the patchRestore mso.dll và check if Office works.Apply the patch (watch out for errormessage of the patcher).If the error is still there look if there"s an updateon http:\ the error in the forums. Please include details like yourOS, anti-msopa version, version of mso.dll, when the crash did occurs...>I"m wondering if I can somehow edit the files on the install cd so that it will patch it automaticly or just install a patched version? 1.Extract O1561412.CAB khổng lồ some 2.Patch mso.dll 3. Repack tệp tin via makecab.exe(windowssystem32) Place this MAKECAB.ddf in the upper Dir ; DIAMOND directive file .OPTION EXPLICIT ; Generate errors on variable typos .Set CabinetNameTemplate=mycab.CAB ;** The files specified below are stored, compressed, in cabinet files .Set Cabinet=on .Set Compress=on .Set CompressionType=LZX .Set CompressionMemory=21 .Set MaxDiskSize=2147483136 và complete it by adding a filedanh sách via "dir /b >>..makecab.ddf" Now create the cab by running makecab /f ..makecab.ddf Don"t use winace to repaông xã because it will not retain order of tệp tin (always sorts them by name)Some notes:* keep in mind that you may need to lớn restore the original mso.dll if you install servicepack* I tested the patch only for Office2003* yes the cracked mso.dll can be somehow integrated inkhổng lồ the office-cài đặt files & edit your autorun.inf like this, so you needn"t enter the PID anymore OPEN=SETUP..EXE /AUTORUN PIDKEY=GWH28DGCMPP6RC46J4MT3HFDY* khổng lồ rephối the 30-days-counter delete All UsersAnwendungsdatenMicrosoftOfficeDATA*.dat* The CDKEY is store in registry under HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice11.0Registration90110407-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9 at Offphối 35 & is 10 byte long (simply as binary number to the base 24 over "BCDFGHJKMPQRTVWXY2346789") you can export this setting to lớn recover it on another PC. you can use my DPCDLL-LicViewer or any other CDKEY-viewer even one which is for Windows, since it"s in the same format* There are special cooperated of Office which don"t required activation. Mostly they have sầu a PID with "...-640-...". You can also identify them by the GUID of FILESSETUPSETUP..INI ProductCode= {90110407-.... 9 Release to lớn manufacturing. 0 Enterprise 11 Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003 0407 GermanValue Edition:0 Enterprise 1 Retail/OEM 2 TrialA very important rolled (beside your CDKEY) play ID_011.DPC which containsthe product code (90110407)it is only valid for a các mục of allowed GUID"svà a list with valid cooperated PID ranges (so it needn"t khổng lồ bealways -640-). SKU011.XML is also used somehow...History:1.7 BugFix Office2k3 SP3 MsoFGimmeProductID(Change "Ret 4" to "Ret 0") caused a crash when sending a mail with Outlook & HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice11.0Registration settings are missing 1.6 BugFix Office2k3 SP3 (Patch 1 - "delayed PA-call"-> FAILED !) Removed exe-packer from "Anti-MSOPA.exe" because it tiggers AV-Alerts 1.5 "Type mismatch error" fixed when local windows timeformat setting is like "2:55 pm"1.4Whoops somehow SaveFunctionPatch patch was comment out when I compiled the patch 1.3More general SaveFunctionPatch patch - so it will work also for"Office 2003 - student & teacher edition"1.2Added SaveFunctionPatch to lớn fix a crash when you save a VS.Net-ProjectAlready applied dectection for MsoFGimmeProductID to lớn avoid corruptions when runtwice1.1Patch pattern for "delayed PA-call" was not found on some OfficeXP versionsOffice XP.. crashed because self checks in mso.dll were not disabledConfusing error message corrected1.0.1Bugfix: The current mso.dll may get overwrites by a mso.bak of an earlier version1.0Initial Release-----------------FAQ reply on a mail (Sorry in german only)> habe schon mitbekommen das es für office das auch gibt, nur beim> AntiWPA2 patch kann man auch die .dll auswählen... kannst du diese> möglichkeit bitte auch im> office patch einbauen, eben das man office nicht unbedingt installiert> haben muss um es patchen zu können.Das kommt sicher nicht so oft vor - aber ist auch möglichDer Anti-MSOPA.exe ist eine Winrar-SFX Exe pháo. 1. Anti-MSOPA.exe cộ in Winrar öffnen und entpacken(2. mso.dll auch in das Verzeichnis kopieren) 3. Anti-MSOPA-Prepatch.exe cộ mso.dll (oder Antiwpa2 ->mso.dll) starten 4. Anti-MSOPA.exe cộ starten um mso.dll zu patchenDa der Patch zwei mso.dll patched falls Office10(XP) và Office11(2k3) installiert sind würde ist es sicher wenn es das automatisch geht undder DAU-User nicht mit openfile dialog boxen verunsichert wird bzw.Verwirrung stiften kann.Der "Admin" (der sich etwas mehr auskennt) wird die etwas flexiblereOben beschriebene Version zu schätzen wissen.> ich hab das tool mit Office 2003 Small Business Edition ausprobiert und> hat gut geklappt - bis gestern. Seither habe ich in en Office Anwendungen> eingeschränkte Funktionen (v.a. in Word), was sehr nervt.> Kann man dagegen was machen?Möglicherweise hat eine Windowsupdate die gepätchte MSO.dll durch eine Neuere ersetzt.Lade von Anti-MSOPA_1-6 runter und wende den Patch erneut an.Wenn das nicht hilft löschen oder besser benenne folgende Dateien um (z.b. nach OUT_SKU151.XML)...Microsoft OfficeOFFICE111033151SKU151.XML...Microsoft OfficeOFFICE111033151ID_151.DPCBzw such nach *.dpc bzw sku*.xml Dateien yên ổn office verzeichnis und benenne diese um.Und in Regedit (StartAusführenREGEDIT.EXE)HKey_LocalMachimeSOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice11.0RegistrationUmbenennen nach z.b. "Registration-" umbenennenWenn"s geht bitte mal schreiben was du gemacht hast dann schreib ichDas gleich für alle in der readme dazu.Wenn"s geht mach den letzten Schritt rückgängig z.b. "Registration-" nach "Registration" zurück umbenennen und test ob es dann nicht mehr oder immer noch geht um so herauszufinden, welbịt Schritte wirklich notwendig sind und welbịt nicht."So wenig wie möglich aber soviel als nötig."