I recently had the circumstance where a client sent me a copy of a spreadsheet that was password protected, however the client no longer had the password to lớn unloông chồng the nội dung. They were wondering if there was anything we could do…

Unfortunately, there is no quick & simple way for your khổng lồ view or recover a lost password in Excel.

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So what do you vì chưng when you need to lớn unprotect an Excel spreadsheet but you have lost or don’t have access to lớn the password?

phung123.com Ultimate Guide – How lớn Unprotect an Excel Spreadsheet (when I have sầu forgotten the password)

Here at phung123.com, we come across many situations where our clients have locked their spreadsheets khổng lồ prevent access or accidental changes being made, but then, forget or đại bại access (staff leave sầu and don’t nói qua passwords etc) to the passwords used.

So often in fact that we created the following Ultimate Guide.

How khổng lồ Unprotect an Excel Spreadsheet (when I have sầu forgotten the password)

This guide presents simple to underst& & follow, step-by-step instructions khổng lồ lead you through all the steps you need to lớn regain full access to Excel spreadsheets.

Recover a password khổng lồ open a workbook or worksheet

Excel lets you easily lock & password protect your workbooks & your worksheets. But, what happens when you forget or misplace these passwords. Unfortunately, if this has happened khổng lồ you, there is no simple and easy way to lớn recover a lost password.

Excel doesn’t store the passwords you use khổng lồ lochồng your spreadsheet nor can Microsoft can “look them up” for you. This is also true for the other software in the Office suite that lets you protect files.

It is always a good idea to make sure you store your passwords someplace safe so you have sầu access khổng lồ them when required.

So what bởi vì you do if you have lost the password to unprotect an excel workbook or worksheet?

The following method MAY, we re-iterate MAY, work for you, but then again it may not as well. We have sầu had a good amount of success using this method but it has not worked 100% of the time. Having said that, the method does not harm your spreadsheet nor data, so you have sầu nothing khổng lồ thua trận from trying it.

How khổng lồ unprotect a password protected worksheet.

So what bởi you do…

In the case of a password protected worksheet where you are unable khổng lồ edit the data, you can try the following steps to unprotect your worksheet.



Recover/Remove Excel Passwords using 3rd các buổi party software lượt thích iSeePassword – Dr.Excel

The method we described above works to lớn remove passwords from the worksheets within your spreadsheet but it will not work khổng lồ remove a password lớn OPEN your Excel spreadsheet.

To remove sầu the password to lớn open your Excel spreadsheet you can try 3rd các buổi party software lượt thích iSeePassword Dr.Excel. These 3rd tiệc nhỏ software applications apply brute force, masking, & dictionary attaông xã algorithms to lớn remove sầu passwords to open your spreadsheets. The lademo version of this software supports all versions of Excel 97, 98, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, năm 2016, & 2019 with AES 128-bit encryption algorithm.

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A quick guide on how to lớn use this software to unprotect your Excel spreadsheets

Download & Install Dr.Excel

You need to lớn first tải về và install iSeePassword Dr.Excel on lớn your Windows computer.


Recover mở cửa Password from Excel

Cliông xã “Recover xuất hiện Password from Excel” and then cliông chồng the “Add File” button to lớn import your locked Excel spreadsheet. Then select a suitable attachồng type based on your situation. It is generally suggested that selecting Brute-Force with Mask Attachồng mode as the initial best mode as it can take the least amount of time.


You can customize characters: for example, if you are sure your password is a combination of some of the following characters: a b s 8 5 6 # 2 F k s 7. You can then choose “customize characters” to add these in khổng lồ tốc độ up the recovery time to lớn find your password.

After the settings are complete, cliông xã the “Start button” and the recovery process will begin immediately, searching all possible password combinations within your specified range.

Once the password is found, it will be displayed in a pop-up dialog box. You can then use this password khổng lồ open your Excel file.


For those that are not confident with VBA code, iSeePassword Dr.Excel, is a competent 3rd các buổi tiệc nhỏ software application you can utilise lớn try và recover your open password for Excel Files as well as instantly removing worksheet passwords with no risk of loosing data.

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Having Trouble & Need some help?

Have sầu you followed the steps outlined above, but are still having trouble restoring full access to your worksheet?

We can help you!

Since writing this article we have received many, many requests for help from people needing khổng lồ remove the passwords from their spreadsheets.

To request our help, please cliông chồng the following link:

Cliông xã here to lớn request help from phung123.com

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