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This article introduces you to lớn an important không tính phí activation method (which can also be activated before it expires). The specific steps are as follows:

1. Open PHPstorm


2. Here we cliông xã on the activation code


3. Will go to lớn such an đầu vào box interface, then we open in the browser

This trang web will go to lớn the trang web below.

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4. We will copy theài khoản.jetbrains.comom here lớn the hosts file.



5. Then we go baông chồng lớn the trang web and cliông xã on the get phpstorm registration button.


6. To put the registration code here inkhổng lồ the input đầu vào box of the activation code


7. Then we can click OK to lớn use phpstorm!

The above sầu hopes to help everyone, and I wish you all a happy coding journey!

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