Windows 7 professional crack with product key

You need a working Windows 7 professional hàng hóa key to lớn install Windows 7 professional on your computer.

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This post includes a không tính tiền các mục of genuine serial keys & activation methods.

How to lớn Get a Windows 7 Professional Product Key

A Windows 7 Professional sản phẩm key is required khổng lồ verify a copy of the Windows 7 professional. The hàng hóa key is a 25-character digit code.

You must provide a valid code lớn activate Windows 7 professional to lớn its premium version.

There are two ways to acquire a Windows 7 key:

Purchase an original copy of Windows 7 professional (either on the mạng internet or from a local dealer) & you will get a genuine key with itGet a serial key from the không tính phí danh sách of Windows 7 Pro product keys on this page

If you choose the first option, you will have sầu to lớn pay a fee. But the second option is 100% không tính tiền.

Where lớn Find Your Windows 7 Professional Product Key

You can find your professional sản phẩm key Windows in different locations depending on how you acquired the Operating System.

If you’ve bought a premium copy of Windows 7 Professional on a CD/DVD, you should find the Win 7 hàng hóa key inside the sản phẩm boxGiven you got a computer with Windows pre-installed, ask the retailer khổng lồ provide the professional Windows 7 hàng hóa keyIf you’ve sầu purchased a copy of from the Microsoft store online, check the order confirmation emailIt is always important lớn keep your Windows sản phẩm key 7 safe; however, if you have lost it, we’ve got a không lấy phí danh mục of professional Windows 7 keys you can use.

Windows 7 Professional sản phẩm key (32-bit)

Windows 7 Professional hàng hóa key (64-bit)











Every Windows 7 serial key on this page is valid và should activate the software. However, if you don’t find a working product key, then someone must have already used it.

But you don’t have to lớn worry because we update this menu every day. You can bookmark và visit this post later for updated Windows product keys 7.

Windows 7 Professional Product Key

Here is an updated list of working Windows 7 professional product keys you can use lớn ensure you have sầu active sầu Windows.

















Windows 7 is not only the most popular but the best Windows Operating Systems. Hopefully, one of the Windows 7 product keys on this Windows key ultimate post has enabled you to lớn activate your copy so that you can access all the features it has khổng lồ offer.

As mentioned above, if you don’t find a working key, you can visit this page later for updated keys. However, if you don’t have a Windows 7 Professional sản phẩm key, you can still activate the Windows 7 professional without a hàng hóa key.

Continue reading to learn the activation method.

How lớn Activate Windows 7 Without a Product Key

As you’ve seen, getting a working Windows 7 key is quite easy. This post has more than enough sản phẩm keys for Windows 7, and we update them regularly.

However, using an activation key is just one way of activating Windows 7 Professional. You can also activate the Windows 7 professional without a Windows 7 professional hàng hóa key. You don’t have sầu to be tech-savvy lớn pull this off.

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Follow these steps.

Find and Delete an SLUI File

The first step you need lớn take is lớn find and delete SLUI.

Here are the steps lớn guide you through the process:

Go khổng lồ the folder that contains your Windows (C:/Windows)Find the System 32 folder in the Windows folder và open itUse the tìm kiếm tool provided on the tệp tin browser khổng lồ find “SLUI”Select the SLUI file and delete itBy removing the SLUI file, you will have sầu deleted your previous activation recordIf you are unable to lớn delete this file, you may have khổng lồ make yourself its ‘owner’ lớn delete it.

Continue reading lớn find how.

Here are the simple steps that will guide you through the process:

Go lớn your tệp tin manager & right-cliông xã on the SLUI fileSelect PropertiesOn the new Window, choose the Security tab and click the Advanced button khổng lồ access more optionsNow clichồng Owner tab on the new windowThen select the option that enables you to select the current user as the owner of the fileCliông chồng the Apply button và cthất bại all open windowsGo khổng lồ the tệp tin manager & open C:/Windows > System32 folderRight-clichồng on the SLUI tệp tin & choose PropertiesFollow steps 2 và 3 highlighted above & open the Security tabChoose Users và select the Edit optionYou can now edit user permissionsGive the current user ‘full control.’Cthua these windowsGo khổng lồ the SLUI tệp tin và delete

Now you can go ahead & activate Windows 7 without a Windows 7 product key.

Proceed to lớn the next step lớn learn how

Activate Windows 7 Without an Activation Key

You are now không tính phí khổng lồ activate your Windows 7. chú ý that you don’t need a Windows 7 professional sản phẩm key khổng lồ activate the Windows 7 professional here.

This activation method involves typing some commands on the CMD.

Here are the steps you need khổng lồ follow:

Click the Start buttonType Run in the tìm kiếm box to open RunPut CMD inkhổng lồ the dialogue box và hit enterYou will see a new window where you can type your commandsType’ slmgr –rearm’ in CMD & press EnterWait a few seconds and then reboot your computerNow follow steps 1-5 and type ‘slmgr –ato’ in CMDHit Enter & read the message of your desktop

The message should read, ‘You have successfully activated Windows.’


Can I Get Windows 7 for Free?

You can easily tải về an ISO image of Windows 7 for free from the Microsoft official website. However, you will be required to provide the serial key of the Windows 7 you purchased or one that came with your computer.

Can I Move My Windows 7 License to lớn Another Computer?

Yes, but only if it is a retail license. It is possible khổng lồ move sầu it khổng lồ another computer provided you only install it on one computer at a time. You must delete the previous installation of Windows 7 on the old computer.

Activating on another computer will automatically deactivate the key product Windows 7 on the old computer. The license will work on both 32 & 64 bit systems, but you can only install one at a time.

However, if it is an OEM license, you cannot move it to lớn a new computer. These licenses are non-transferable. If you want to lớn install Windows a new computer, you will have sầu to purchase another copy of the Windows 7 professional.

If it’s a retail license, you can simply reactive sầu by telephone:

Clichồng Start button và enter slui.exe4 in the tìm kiếm boxPress EnterSelect your Country/Region

What Happens if You Don’t Activate Windows 7?

Failure to lớn activate your copy of Windows 7 leaves you with a somehow usable but annoying Windows 7 professional. After the 30-day free trial period, Windows 7 will constantly prompt you to enter a valid hàng hóa key khổng lồ activate.

You will also get a notification that the Windows you are using is not genuine each time you open the Control panel.

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How vì chưng I Download Windows 7 Without a Product Key?

Microsoft only allows you to lớn tải về a Windows 7 ISO image from the Microsoft trang web if you have sầu a genuine retail Windows 7 professional sản phẩm key.