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Developer: Pyro StudiosRelease date: 2001Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: Real-time strategyVersion: Full Game

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Commandos 2: Men of Courage is a real-time tactics Clip game, developed by Pyro Studgame ios, published by Eidos Interactive, và released on September đôi mươi, 2001. It is a sequel to Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines & the second installment of the Commandos series, and is the only strategy game of the series to be designed not only for Microsoft Windows, but also for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The game sees players taking control of a squad of commandos, along with various allied units, as they sneak behind enemy lines to lớn accomplish various missions in World War II, between 1941 và 1944, that will help them khổng lồ thwart the war efforts of the Germans & the Japanese. The game features several improvements to lớn the gameplay from its predecessor, including the ability khổng lồ use enemy weapons và explore interior locations, the inclusion of three new commandos, a number of new skills for the original six members along with their other abilities, and new pieces of equipment khổng lồ help overcome the enemy.

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While the PC version of the game was well received, the console versions received less favourable reviews. In 2005, the game was bundled together with Commandos 3: Destination Berlin as part of the Commandos Battle Paông xã by Feral Interactive sầu.


Much like its predecessor, Commandos 2 sees the player taking on the role of an allied officer in charge of directing a group of commandos, each with a different set of skills and abilities that they can use, who take part in a series of twenty-two missions - two training stages khổng lồ get used lớn controlling the commandos; ten story missions; & ten bonus missions that feature quality challenges và situations khổng lồ complete, but are only accessible after each story mission is completed, if the player acquires a phối of books marked "BONUS" within each of them. Each mission in the game features a series of objectives, divided between main and secondary, that the player needs lớn complete in order to finish a mission, including securing an escape route from an area, as well as clues khổng lồ where players can find supplies or locate useful assets khổng lồ help them with their mission; while briefings for each mission outline most objectives và clues, others are provided through completing current objectives or clues the player has knowledge of (i.e. If an objective is to liên hệ someone and the player completes this, the liên hệ might provide an additional objective and/or clue for the player to use).

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Much lượt thích Behind Enemy Lines, each mission features the player having control of a subphối of commandos, though in some missions, the player begins with a few commandos to use, but can gain control of others through either contacting them somewhere in the mission"s location, or rescuing them from imprisonment. The original six from the previous game are once more available for use, though some have a few notable improvements in how they can be used - the Green Beret can now climb telephone poles và traverse heir cables, can jump out of windows, & can carry small containers around; the Sniper can climb up telephone poles to lớn use them as sniping positions; the Spy can now not only direct soldiers và lieutenants khổng lồ look somewhere else, but can order soldiers and enemy staff khổng lồ move sầu somewhere else if disguised as an officer, while his syringe can now daze, knoông chồng out, or kill an enemy, depending on the number of doses they are given; the Diver now kills enemies by throwing knives at them, & now carries a grappling hook that can be used lớn traverse walls or set up a trip-wire khổng lồ knoông chồng out enemies; the Driver can now mix up traps, both lethal and non-lethal; và the Sapper can now use a mine detector to lớn find buried mines and dis-arm them, as well as set-up mines to eliminate infantry and armoured vehicles. Along with these six, the players also gets control over three new members to use, including: the Thief, who is the most agile of the group, can climb in and out of windows và through small holes, hide in tight spaces, climb & traverse telephone poles & cables lượt thích the Green Beret, và unlochồng metal containers & some doors with his lockpicks; the Seductress, who acts like both the Spy và the Sniper, in that when disguised she can use her lipstiông xã khổng lồ distract enemy soldiers, but can"t fool officers, and when not disguised, she can use a xạ thủ rifle to lớn take out enemies; và Whiskey, a dog who the commandos can use lớn trade items between them, as well as bark near enemies lớn distract them. In addition khổng lồ the commandos, players also gain control of allied units, most of whom can be equipped with weapons and placed in four different combat stances, including firing out of windows & crouching down, & thus be used to lớn combat enemies when needed.

Other new features include the player being able to explore interior locations and underwater locations, facing additional threats such as wild animals and Gestapo soldiers, the ability to lớn salvage enemy weapons from their bodies to use when needed, such as rifles and sub-machine guns, the ability lớn use multiple cameras to survey a mission"s location, the ability lớn hide bodies in bodies of water or amongst certain objects such as reeds, và the inclusion of new equipment - binoculars, flamethrowers, molotov cocktails, smoke grenades, rope ladders, gas grenades, canned food và first aid kits. While the various gameplay mechanics from Behind Enemy Lines are still used, such as line of sight, the ability to view enemy positions, và other enemy behaviours, such as investigating suspicious sounds or reacting to lớn alarms, a number of areas received notable changes - All commandos can wear enemy soldier uniforms, though unlượt thích the Spy, the effect last only for a limited time & as long as they stay out of close range of enemies; cars and lorries can be driven by all commandos, but armoured cars require the Driver, và Tanks need both him and the Sapper; the inventory system is a grid-like space, with objects taking up a certain number of spaces depending on their size; enemies now display a line of sight when detecting something in their view, which is orange for something that has caught their interest, blue if they spotted something suspicious, và red if they have sầu seen a commando; and commandos will be shot on sight if they are discovered by the enemy, rather than captured, while alarms last for a while before they eventually end, although guards will investigate the area that triggered it.


In May 1941, commandos Paul Tolebởi vì and Natasha Nikochevski capture an Enigma machine and its codebook in a German submarine base at La Pallice in La Rochelle, France. While Natasha leaves the base, Toledo is ordered to lớn stay behind with the Enigma to assist the other commandos (Jack O"Hara, Thomas Hancochồng, James Blackwood và René Duchamp) when they arrive at daybreak khổng lồ rescue the crew of a Royal Navy submarine, the E-423, sheltered & under heavy guard in a submarine pen. They destroy the base"s anti-aircraft guns and torpevày warehouse before escaping in the submarine.

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While in the North Sea, the Royal Navy submarine is caught and forced to lớn surface in the frigid waters after being depth charged by a German destroyer. The enigma machine is confiscated & the entire crew captured with the exception of Blackwood & Hancoông xã, both of whom evaded capture. After rescuing the crew, the commandos proceed to recover the Enigma và disable the destroyer"s main guns and boiler room. Under orders that the Enigma be hastily brought khổng lồ England, O"Hara and Duchamp takeoff in a Fieseler Fi 156, while the rest escape in the submarine.

A year passes và the commandos are deployed khổng lồ the Pacific Theatre. In Burma, they rescue a spiritual leader and assassinate a Japanese tyrant with the help of Gurkhas. On 17 June 1942, the commandos are sent khổng lồ northern Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan, where they rescue a Colonel Guinness, who in turn helps them destroy the bridge over the River Kwai by revealing its structural weakness. The bridge is blown up just as a train of the Imperial Japanese Army high comm& crosses it, plummeting inlớn the river.

In July 1942, the commandos l& on the strongly fortified Savo Isl& to lớn disable the large artillery guns, before Operation Watchtower can commence. While on the isl&, they are assisted by a castaway named Wilson. After destroying the artillery and rescuing a downed American pilot, he returns the favour by piloting a Kawanishi H8K to help them escape the islvà, but not before telling them of a gold monkey statue which is symbolic to lớn the Japanese. O"Hara steals it as a souvenir.

In Spring of 1944, the commandos are sent khổng lồ Haiphong, Indochimãng cầu, destroying the port"s fuel depots & infiltrating the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano. While out at sea, the commandos sabotage the rudder of every A6M Zero và report the carrier"s position before escaping in two intact Zeroes. The Shinano is then bombed by American Vought F4U Corsairs.

Following their tour of duty in the Pacific, the commandos are recalled khổng lồ the Western Front for the Normandy invasion. During the battle of Cherbourg, they rescue a wounded Private Smith, and with the help of American soldiers, successfully defover the town from waves of German infantry and Panzer III tanks. A few months later, Tolevị is captured và taken to Colditz Castle where he is lớn be executed. The commandos save him & they help the prisoners of war housed there escape by disguising them in German unisize. While the prisoners escape, the commandos acquire top secret documents from three high-ranking German officers, revealing plans to lớn devastate Paris with planted explosives before it is liberated.

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In August 1944, the entire commanbởi vì corps arrive sầu in Paris and thwart plans to lớn destroy much of the thành phố, before leaving in an airship from top of the Eiffel Tower.