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When developing phung123.com Structures 2016i, we have continued listening lớn our customers: The user interface introduced earlier this year now has new functionalities, & you can customize the ribbon to personalize the software & make it suit the way you work. Increase productivity by editing the ribbon to contain the commands you use most.

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When it comes to phung123.com Model Sharing, the new role-based access rights make managing the editing rights of a project participant easier, while the new organization locks can protect your work. You can work with other organizations và different project roles with confidence and security.


Drawing & sketching drawings has become much easier và more flexible. Enhancements on hatching, reference models in drawings and printing make it easier to create plans and construction drawings và also clarify và annotate drawings with manual details.


Structural steel

This very first release of bent plates brings a simple but structured approach that allows you to lớn build up complex bent plates and create anything from simple bent angles & clips to folded boxes, spiral stringer plates, folded profiles & more. From your Mã Sản Phẩm you can create NC data of the unfolded plates for nesting và fabrication, or drawings that include bend line and radius information.


Precast concrete

For precast concrete, the new way to lớn Mã Sản Phẩm & detail all concrete walls efficiently and flexibly with Wall layout and Detailing manager functionalities were introduced earlier this year. Developing tools for working with wall structures has continued and now phung123.com Structures 2016i brings new reinforcement functionalities and modeling features, which support efficient detailing work with double wall structures.


Cast in place concrete

The new version continues to lớn improve sầu quiông chồng và easy information management. The lathử nghiệm development of phung123.com"s unique pour concept is Pour unit functionality.A Pour unit is a management unit that consists of a pour object and all related reinforcement, concrete accessories and formwork that needs khổng lồ be in place before concrete can be poured on site. All relevant information & quantities are automatically linked to pour unit they belong to lớn, which makes managing information with the model and creating material reports & pour schedules easy và effective sầu.



With the arrival of phung123.com Structures 2016i, new information management and communication features for structural engineering now allow creation of even more valuable models than before. Production of more effective sầu – and better looking – general arrangement drawings becomes faster & easier with special line type tools, improved sketching tools (lines, polylines and polygons), easy elevation marking và hatching enhancements.


Read also more aboutphung123.com Structural Designer 2016i

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See release notes for every new improvement và feature > First steps with phung123.com Structures 2016 user interface >

phung123.com Structures năm 2016 features
Main phung123.com Structures năm 2016 features

Easier modeling, easier learning

It’s not just about the cool contemporary look. The new user interface makes modeling easier and faster. For example, why not start by choosing a Model from the các mục of your recent models, & continue with creating your own custom tab. The mặc định Model colors are both pleasant và logical. Your Mã Sản Phẩm stands out from the calm background so you can easily spot what you need, while the icons are modern and recognizable.

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Two things have sầu remained essentially the same, just improved: Keyboard shortcuts & comm& names.


Great information management, great collaboration

For construction, information about what has been done and who did it is critical. Using reference information from the other project parties is now smoother and more reliable: phung123.com users can now see what changes others have sầu made lớn that IFC Mã Sản Phẩm they received. Reference handling and collaboration are easier, prsự kiện thiết kế & detailing errors. And phung123.com Model Sharing has now more sophisticated change management.


Better drawings, faster & easier production

phung123.com product development has kept the wishes of customers in mind when working on drawing production. Creating and editing drawings is now easier, more flexible and reliable. 2 chiều library is a collection of ready-made 2 chiều details such as bolts where you can just piông xã details instead of drawing these. Importing, saving và reusing your specific 2D details saves even more time, và you can update details và notes across all project drawings.

Efficient features for structural steel fabricators

Take advantage of your model information và achieve better productivity.


Utilize mã sản phẩm information with Organizer: Enjoy faster response times. The new property categories can write information inlớn the model, and you can easily organize, manage và trachồng workflows. Automatically created sub-categories allow you to auto-fill from a native or reference Mã Sản Phẩm, then further filter nội dung, & break it down inkhổng lồ sub-categories.

The new Organizer supports your processes: With the automatic categorization, everytoàn thân stays up to lớn date & benefits from the model information. Use property categories lớn manage processes and workflows, & add information lớn the mã sản phẩm for all project parties. And for visual status kiểm tra or classification, you can color the model based on groups.


Snap easily và accurately: phung123.com users have sầu asked for Snapping tool improvements và now they are here. For example, you can snap with construction circles và their intersections, but now you won’t accidentally snap through opaque surfaces to lớn hidden objects.


Increase productivity with information flow from Model to lớn fabrication: CNC enhancements mean that you can easily phối up manufacturer-specific machine settings and benefit from improved feedbaông chồng. Your control over CNC output is now better: Control hard stamp placement, use new additional output controls, customize the DSTV headers và remove unwanted lines.

Welds in the models for easy checking: The cleaner welding visualization makes it easy lớn present and communicate welds. New weld solids in drawings offer a clear presentation of weld positions and communicate even complex details.

Drafter has been significantly improved according lớn customers’ wishes: Creating và cloning drawings is now possible. Learn more >

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The evolution of phung123.com Structures 2016 makes utilizing models easy for concrete contractors.

Better Pours và ease of use: The performance of phung123.com’s quality Pour modeling and management concept has been improved. Accurate, constructible phung123.com concrete models and powerful building information management tools bring effective understanding và communication across a pour project.


Utilize mã sản phẩm information with the Organizer: The power of Organizer has increased for effective project planning, coordination và control. With quichồng, easy access khổng lồ the rich Mã Sản Phẩm information and reports, you can now better forecast và deliver projects. And why not highlight important categories and areas of interest in the geometry for better visual understanding?

Working with location management is now easier và offers more benefits on site. Together with IFC integration, location automation ensures consistent Location Breakdown Structures (LBS).


Accurate quantities with improved tools: The new Surface Object allows better material quantity take offs (QTOs). You can now enjoy unrivaled insight và control: Reduce risk when planning, procuring and deploying formwork with Form Face creator. Attributes & quantities of surfaces give you more accurate, reportable information.


Terrain in the Mã Sản Phẩm with LandXML: Include the ground, roads and railways và rain water systems created by other project parties simply by importing LandXML files to phung123.com Structures.

Easier automatic drawing production: Producing drawings is now easier and faster, và the quality has been improved. GA drawings can present CIP. geometry as both pours & parts. You can color pour drawings – no need for highlighter pens any more.

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phung123.com Structures 2016 offers a lot for engineering offices working in AEC or industrial workflows, regardless the chose level of LOD.


Create high unique drawings faster: The structural engineering drawings are now clear & easy lớn understvà, & also producing them is faster and easier with the improved tools.

Smoother collaboration with wider design team: Improved workflow with plant design system such as Intergraph Smart3D, Aveva PDMS và E3 chiều và architectural solutions brings better management of information transfer. BIM Publisher automates exports of DGN, DWG và IFC models và DWG and PDF drawings.


For creating impressive high chất lượng views for client presentations, export models to lớn Trimble’s SketchUp & use rendering packages. And now you can utilize terrain models, line alignments of roads và railways, và rain water systems created by other project parties simply by importing LandXML files lớn phung123.com Structures.


Also the BIM floor cấp độ system matches that other project parties use in their software solutions, and you can provide accurate information organized according khổng lồ the industry standards.

Utilize the information with Organizer: Now it is easy và fast to kiểm tra what is actually in the Model. You can manage, reviews and report on mã sản phẩm content easily và effectively thanks improved usability và powerful new features.

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phung123.com Structures năm 2016 brings new tools & valuable improvements for precast fabrication.


Model walls efficiently: The new Wall layout and associated tools bring advantage & efficiency khổng lồ modeling and modifying all wall types; solid, double & sandwich. Automated elementation is especially beneficial for double wall structures.

Automate tasks with Detailing manager: Repetitive modeling tasks can be automated. This makes detailing more productive, saves time and prevents errors - never miss a concrete cast insert, or put a wrong size inkhổng lồ your model again. You can create rules, for example element type specific ones, & then vì repetitive detailing tasks with just one comm&.

Better reinforcement annotations in drawings: phung123.com users have asked for this improvement and now it is here. Enjoy the improvements in creating & modifying drawing annotations, automatic bar pull-out placements, pull-out texts và dimensioning.


Utilize Model information with Organizer: Better, more efficient utilization of model information is now possible. You can automate the creation of repetitive sầu fabrication information, such as concrete covers for precast elements, manage mã sản phẩm information and visualize categories more efficiently. Information in an object property value field can automatically fill up in another related, relevant object property value field for use in reports and drawings.