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fifa 17 Craông xã pc game không tính phí tải về for windows. Every year the FIFA 17 series manages one up itself in some small way. Looking at the games from their beginnings in the 1990s, they’re so far apart it’s unreal.

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But that kind of progress didn’t come through revolution. It came through evolution.

Each year there are small but significant changes that lead me to believe that one day playing football through a console will look indistinguishable from reality. But that’s a little too philosophical for FIFA talk, what you really want lớn know is ‘is there some amazing trichồng that’ll mean I finally beat my mate Dave’.


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Because no matter how strong our computing power becomes, there’s only really one true strength to FIFA, and that’s how good it FEELS to play and how good it FEELS lớn win. There’s a genuine learning curve and ultimately the better the game gets the more skilled its players have to lớn become. No more standing in front of the goalkeeper and waiting for hyên khổng lồ make a mistake (Come baông xã 1994, I miss you)

So what has FIFA managed to configure up this year? Let’s guide you through the main additions to FIFA 17



I’m going to lớn take a leap here and say that EA have been keeping an eye on the ever growing danh mục of Mobile apps that are disrupting the football games market. These apps couldn’t compete in terms of computer graphics but they could compete when it came lớn story và experience. With that in mind, Fifa has added one key new feature that is going khổng lồ make FIFA 17 better for single players than ever before


Journey mode allows you to lớn start a career as Alex Hunter & unlike a standard career mode, this game mode takes you from being a young player at a Premier League club lớn see how your career will unfold un & off the pitch. Depending on the way you behave in a match, your team mates will respond differently lớn you and thanks to the new Cinematic Engine, Fifa 17 will take you khổng lồ places you’ve sầu never been before, like the tunnel, dressing room và even the team plane.

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To get to grips with the ever increasing competition in the gameplay engines of major franchises, FIFA have brought on board some serious help, bringing on board James Rodriguez and Marco Reus khổng lồ help create more authentic phối pieces and to lớn help generate more realistic running off the ball from players so that we see less và less of the ‘painting by numbers’ goals that were common in earlier versions of the software.


Yes yes yes and yes.

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Seriously, you can’t get away with playing a version of Fifa more than a year out of date – and if you vì chưng, nobody toàn thân will be playing along with you.


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