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Global Mapper 17 is a powerful và easy-to-use Geographic Information System (GIS) data processing software that provides affordable solution for mapping. It offers a variety built in functionality for a variety of spatial and spectral datasets, và advanced data rendering capabilities, and even provide a satisfactory cấp độ of functionality to lớn new users & experienced GIS professionals. Global Mapper is a standalone application for spatial data management, it has functionality for area and distance calculations, line of sight calculations, raster blending, elevation querying, spectral analysis, & other advanced capabilities.

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Global Mapper 17 comes with numerous new and improved geospatial tools, performance improvements, new functionality to lớn creating high-quality printed maps, multi-view map interface for viewing và docking of several bản đồ, triangulation and gridding of 3 chiều point data, support for 3 chiều models as custom symbols, và so on. Global Mapper is the perfect application for those looking for advanced GIS application, which includes all the tools needed for mapping.

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Key Features:

Advanced LiDAR point data processingContour generation from surface dataCreate charts & graphs from dataDistance & area calculationsFull featured for GPS data managementImporting and exporting data formatImporting and exporting Google Earth dataLine of sight và volume calculationsNumerous functions of data processingPerforming many mathematical operationsRaster analysis và image rectificationRaster blending, spectral analysisTriangulation, gridding of 3 chiều point dataSupports several 3 chiều và 2 chiều formats, và many more.

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What’s new in Global Mapper 17:

Improved volume measurement toolsNew 10 times faster performanceNew GPS vessel location functionNew multi-view map display interfaceNew tư vấn for CPT palette filesScripting và logging enhancementsMany new & other improvements.




Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit/64-bit)2 GHz multi-core processor1 GB RAM200 MB disk spaceDatabase engine (varies)

How khổng lồ install?:

Unpaông xã and complete Global Mapper 17 installationDon’t run the software and then exit if runningCopy exe file from craông xã folder to lớn install dir##eg: “C:Program FilesGlobalMapper17_64bit”

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