International women's day

Every year, Đài Loan Trung Quốc celebrates International Women"s Day on March 8. Slightly different from the day"s original focus of celebrating women"s economic, political, và social achievements, Women"s Day became simply an occasion for men to lớn express their love sầu for women in manner similar to a combination of Valentine"s Day & Mother" s Day (yes, many Chinese in cities celebrate these two holidays, which have been introduced from Western countries.).

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Many Chinese people enjoy the day very much. On this day, many Chinese men buy presents for their mothers, wives, and even daughters. Female employees: get a half-day holiday and they like khổng lồ cửa hàng, enjoy other festivities, such as a dinner buổi tiệc ngọt, a spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp treatment, or a jaunt. 

Women"s Day has become one more kinh doanh gimmichồng for companies to hold great sales for women"s products. For these companies, Women"s Day has no more significance than Valentine"s Day, and it is just a business opportunity. 

Women"s Day? or Girls" Day?


Many Chinese universities have an interesting practice on Women"s Day. Female college students created a new festival called Girls" Day (女生节 /nyoo-shnng jyeh/), which is celebrated on March 7 every year.

In China, "women" (妇女 /foo-nyoo/) is more representative sầu of married women, and since female students do not like lớn give sầu up the opportunity to lớn be "queens", they created Girls" Day. On Girl"s Day, universities hold many activities for their female students, such as a make-up competition, a hand-make competition, the warmest quail-roost evaluation, & a nhảy competition.

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What"s more, some universities may make wishing trees or wishing boards, where female students can attach cards that have their written wishes (even professions lớn a male). In that way, March 7 is a sort of "Valentine"s Day" on campus because male students have the opportunity lớn express their love to lớn female students they admire.

Language Tips

妇女节 (Women"s Day): fù-nǚ jié or /foo-nyoo jyeh/妇女节快乐 (Happy Women"s Day): fù-nǚ-jié kuài-ltrằn or /foo-nyoo-jyeh kwhy-ler/Because Women"s Day falls on March 8, some Chinese people gọi this day Sanbố Jie (三八节 /san-ba jyeh/) for short. However, DO NOT only say sanba (三八 /san-ba/) khổng lồ a women because sanba is a insulting word in Chinese culture, especially for women.

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