Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Key

The first thing I have lớn do is install the 30 trial day of Kaspersky Internet Security năm trước or AntiVirus 2014. So, cliông chồng one of the next buttons lớn chose what hàng hóa you prefer. When you cliông xã it. it will start downloading the Setup. When completed, run the.exetệp tin và install it.

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Kaspersky Internet Security năm trước (Portuguese-English)Kaspersky AntiVirus năm trước (Portuguese-English)Activating 3 months trial
Need help? See the images ... Click in them to see in Full Screen.The Kaspersky that you installed in your PC, only has 30 days khổng lồ use. But I have one good new. There is available a key that provides you 91 days trial. How I vày that?1- Click inEnter activation code
2- Cliông chồng inActivate application3- Enter the next code. Select it, right-clichồng, Copy. Then in KIS windows, right-click in box and PasteThe code is:QCGUH-J8FF6-33WGA-UBY624- Clichồng Activate5- Wait a moment ... when done it will appear a message saying that activation was successfully done. You have now 91 days to use Kaspersky.

After 91 days ...Now is time to use a Trial Rephối program. Before you download it, you may disable theKaspersky Protection
. For that, right-click inKaspersky iconin notification area lượt thích the next image. It will make appear a context menu. ClickPause Protection.

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It will appear a new window. Select the first option và then more than 5 minutes. You can also chose the third optionPause. Is the same. Cliông chồng inPause ProtectionbuttonNow, we have lớn disable theSelf-DefenceIn the main window, go toSettings Uncheckthe box và clickAcceptin the MessageBox that will show up.
Now that windows restarted, open the Main Window of Kaspersky. It will say that you don´t have sầu a licence. Easy! Paste again the key of 91 days trial và you will get it again. Follow the steps I showed inActivating 3 months trialsection.

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