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Mastercam X6 Release Highlights Mastercam X6 delivers full 64-bit tư vấn and a powerful mix of new tools to lớn help you make the most of your siêu thị. We’ve listed some highlights below (cliông xã the đoạn Clip inhỏ khổng lồ see a quiông xã demonstration):

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Mill and Router: The new in-process stoông chồng mã sản phẩm delivers an accurate representation of your part as toolpaths are applied khổng lồ it. The model can be verified và used as the basis for additional toolpaths. video Enhanced dynamic milling includes finer control & additional time savings. video clip Fast 2 chiều HST region chaining dramatically speeds up dynamic toolpath programming. video Smart rest roughing uses the new in-process stochồng Mã Sản Phẩm lớn create a highly efficient pass to remove stoông xã remaining from a larger tool Hybrid finish “filler” passes divide your part inlớn a series of Z sections & applies two different machining strategies lớn each section for a superior finish. Lathe: Variable depth roughing for longer insert life. Clip Easy piông chồng, pull & cutoff operations. video clip Remaining stock removal. video Smart finishing that identifies và cuts flats & walls with different motion. đoạn phim Finish tool inspection. video Enhanced canned rough & finish toolpaths. New finish feed / speed facing and canned grooving controls. Wire: Enhanced autosyncing. Improved wirepath editing. New force wire taper khổng lồ vertical options. CAD Tools: Finer control over intersecting & trimming solid edges. Enhanced solid tryên ổn to lớn surface. Dynamic transform along a vector. Blade Expert: đoạn Clip With the release of Mastercam X6 , we’re also introducing Mastercam Blade Expert, a new purchasable add-on designed for multi-bladed parts. This powerful tool can be added lớn Mastercam Mill Level 3 or Router Pro, và delivers: Powerful programming for fans, propellers, impellers, turbines, marine screws and more. Variety of efficient roughing strategies. Precise curt pattern control on blade, fillet, & floor finishing. Automatic tool axis control. Full machine simulation. These enhancements và updates have been tested & released by the Quality Control Department & will function inside Mastercam X6. Follow the instructions given in the ‘info’ button of each tải về for install instructions. Read Before Installing Mastercam X6 X6 has both a 32bit và a 64bit version so please read the notes below: The X6 32bit version can only be installed on a 32bit OS và the X6 64bit version can only be installed on a 64bit OS. X6 64-bit version will NOT allow saving to a previous X version. X6 32-bit can save sầu files lớn previous version just as past versions allowed (geometry only). Files created in previous Mastercam versions can be read inkhổng lồ both X6 32 & X6 64 bit versions. The X6 64-bit version is installed inlớn the C:Program Files. X5 was installed into the C:Program Files (x86) thư mục on 64bit OS systems because it was a 32bit application. There is only one set of sample files and power libraries and they will work with both x64 and x86. Art is only available for 32-bit operating systems. The 64-bit version is currently in development.


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