Xiaomi redmi note 9 pro

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CameraPerformance of sd720High sound qualityLong Battery life between 7 lớn 9 hoursFinger print scanner

Before this phone I had a Samsung A51. I swapped it for this Xiaomày & I can say it was the best decision of my life. The only thing the Samsung a51 had was a better screen & more refined software. Everything else is on the side of this Xiaomi. It took me a while khổng lồ get used to MIUI, but only now vị I realize that it is not bad software at all. I just know that this phone is very good lớn use in the long run & that because of the quality it will not betray its owner. The Chinese make very good cell phones and whoever thinks that Samsung or iPhone are the kings of cell phones are mistaken. I will never give sầu money for an overpriced Samsung or iPhone again as long as there is Xiaomày. For the price I pay for Samsung, I can buy a Xiaomi Beast :)

CameraScreenBatteryGood hardwareMIUI is fluid và optimizedIt has a gaming processor that can work without pr

This is my 3rd XIAOXiaoMI phone: I have used REDXiaoMI NOTE 5 (Global), REDXiaoMi MI NOTE 9S (Global) và now, REDXiaoMI NOTE 9 PRO (Global).I am also a tech/phone expert who have compared various smartphones. I can make right judgments.The REDXiaoMi MI NOTE 9 PRO (Global) is a very powerful và fast smartphone. It's good for listening to music và movies; good for processing & editing your documents; excellent for gaming; multitasking is superb; its battery life is great & it also has 30W turbo charging; it feels comfortable và balance in hand và is durable; it has a lot of flagship features! When you look at its price, you'll know that it's one of the best at its price. It beats iPhones & Galaxies around its price range by a great margin! It's a phone worth having. Most of the complains you hear about are either isolated or caused by the owners who try experiments with their phones (lượt thích rooting). I have no complains yet. The phone works smoothly.