Poedit pro 2

Poedit Pro 2.0.9 Build 5330 (19.0 Mb) is a powerful and easy-to-use translation editor. This program will help translate any software or websites that use Gettext for localization. Gettext is widely used in many programming languages ​​và many projects – from WordPress lớn PHPhường., Django & Linux projects. Poedit is the best program to lớn work with .po and .mo translation files. The translator works with the text phrase in the * .po file. For changes lớn take effect after editing the translation, it must be compiled into lớn a .mo file. Poedit does this automatically. In Poedit there is a spell checker, support for various forms, phản hồi editing, line numbering & an easy search by line. If you often work with a .po tệp tin, poEdit, this small but useful tiện ích will be very useful to you.

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poEdit shows all data in a very concise way, so you’ll find it very easy lớn find any terms without searching through the entire document. Thanks to lớn this, you can handle the translation faster, which is very important. All entries are sorted inkhổng lồ the danh sách, so you’ll feel comfortable working with large directories, và immediately see which parts of the text are translated and which parts are being translated inaccurately. Editor created using WxWidgets và can work on any platform that supports WxWidgets, is designed khổng lồ provide a more convenient approach khổng lồ editing directories than manually editing files.


Unlượt thích other editors, Poedit displays data in a very concise khung.Original phrases & their translations are sorted và highlighted in such a way that you can easily edit large directories. Ie. You can immediately see which phrases have sầu been translated, what else to lớn translate, which is automatically translated and now requires your moderation.There is support for plurals.Highlight informative sầu text.Untranslated phrases và unauthorized automatic translation are displayed at the top of the danh sách.Automatically compile-mo files (optional) when saving po files.Comments let you see in which area the translated phrase code occurs.Poedit has a source code scanner function to lớn look for strings that are ready to be translated.Can work in KDE and GNOME environments.Support for UTF-8. Poedit understands all the encodings supported by the operating system, & works in Unicode internally.Translation memory. Poedit selects several translation options from the knowledge base, based on partial coincidence with the translated phrase. Poedit uses all your PO, MO, & RPM files as a knowledge base.There are searches in the catalog.Ability khổng lồ edit comments.Catalog Manager.Supports Unicode completely on Unix with GTK + 2.x.Check spelling (GTK + 2.x).

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