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P ronunciation Power nguồn CD-ROM for Mac And WindowsPronunciation Power nguồn focuses specifically on pronunciation of AmericanEnglish and is igiảm giá khuyến mãi for language labs and self-learners with eithera PC or Macintosh multimedia computer. It teaches all 52 American Englishsounds & even includes QuickTime videos of both forward và lateralviews of proper mouth position.Pronunciation Power nguồn comes in packages for two levels:. Pronunciation Power nguồn 1 is aimed at those at an beginningto intermediate màn chơi, và comes with the 8-in-1 English Dictionaryat no additional cost. Pronunciation Power 2 is for those at an intermediate toadvanced màn chơi. Recommended for all beginning to advanced studentsof English.Jump lớn Info:About Pronunciation PowerPronunciation nguồn is a great CD-ROM tool for both Windows & Macintoshthat teaches proper pronunciation of all 52 American English sounds.

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Thisprogram is designed by ESL language professionals & is very thorough. Iteven reinforces the learning through interactive drills and many helpful exercises.Plus, it has QuickTime movies to illustrate proper tongue and lip position.This program is highly recommended for any ESL language lab or trang chính use.Many ESL students complain that the hardest part about learning Englishis pronunciation.


Most students of English spend hundreds of hours learninggrammar and vocabulary but cannot be understood when the time comes to lớn communicatewith real Americans. In America, as in other cultures, poor pronunciationcan be confused with ignorance and will often result in less than desiredresults in business and social situations. Don"t be a victlặng of bad pronunciation!Pronunciation Power teaches you all 52 American English sounds andgives you multiple drills on each one! It"s really lượt thích having a personaltutor on a CD-ROM!Pronunciation nguồn comes in packages for two levels: Pronunciation Power1 is aimed at those at an intermediate khổng lồ beginning level, and comes withthe 8-in-1 English Dictionary at no additional cost.

Pronunciationnguồn 2 is for those at an intermediate to lớn advanced level. Powerful features include:8-in-1 English Dictionary ( in Pronunciation nguồn 1 only)This dictionary will help you improve sầu your pronunciation, reading comprehension,vocabulary and spelling abilities. Its many features include translationsin 12 different languages, 1700 pictures & graphics lớn help you learn, listeninglớn and recording over 7000 words including plurals of the nouns and formsof the verbs, & 10 different ways to lớn tìm kiếm for words.Sound MenuChoose one of 52 sounds simply by clicking on it with the mouse. Hear anyof the 52 sounds pronounced by the instructor. Students will easily navigatethrough the speech analysis lessons and exercises.Speech AnalysisListen to lớn the instructor pronounce the sound và view the instructor"s wavesize.Record your own pronunciation of the sound. Compare the sound và wave sầu formof your voice to that of the native sầu speaker. It"s fun and easy!Lessons with đoạn phim for all 52 soundsListen to lớn the native speaker pronounce each of the 52 sounds you need khổng lồ pronounceAmerican English perfectly.

Then repeat the sounds you hear inkhổng lồ the optionalmicrophone. The program records your voice và plays it back khổng lồ you.

The decisions you make determine whether you stay aliveor perish. Staying Alive sầu - The ScenariosThe ayên of the game is to stay alive sầu.There are three rounds. In each round, you will be presented with a scenario andthen offered two choices. Stay alive game. You should always base your decisions on nothing more than the desireto lớn keep yourself in existence.

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Whileyou vì chưng this, the computer displays in QuickTime video clip the proper mouth positionfor each sound with both front and side views.Reinforcement ExercisesChoose from four exercises to lớn help you practice the sound you have sầu chosen.The exercises feature proven methods to lớn help the student learn. The lessonsare repeatable và will challenge even the advanced learner.Lots of AudioIncludes 15 sample words per sound và 20 comparative sầu words per sound. Listento lớn the instructor pronounce the sample and comparative words. Record yourown voice & play it back. Then you can compare it lớn the instructor on theCD-ROM.

This is how you carefully learn proper pronunciation.View Demonstration Pronunciation nguồn 1 + 2 DemoThis video clip thử nghiệm requires that you have sầu Macrotruyền thông media Shockwave sầu Player installed on your computer. If you vày not have sầu Macrotruyền thông media Shockwave sầu Player installed, please.Screen ShotsPronuncation Power nguồn 2 Screenshot;Learn how sounds are formed.Pronuncation nguồn 1 Screenshot;Practice speaking and reading skills.Pronuncation Power 1 Screenshot;Learn how khổng lồ pronounce a sound correctlyEndorsements"Pronunciation nguồn is the only pronunciation software in our Macintoshbased language labs at this time. The interface is intuitive enough khổng lồ followwithout reference to lớn any manual or other instructions; a prerequisite forprograms in our labs. Simple access to lớn playing native models, recording studentproduction, & comparing the two make this program an effective sầu tool forlearning instead of an obstacle, as more complicated programs sometimes provekhổng lồ be. The variety of minimal pair discrimination exercises for all 52 phonemespresented provides plenty of instruction, practice, & reinforcement forstudents looking khổng lồ improve their listening comprehension & pronunciation." John de SzendeffyMultitruyền thông Language LabCenter for English Learning và Orientation ProgramsBoston University"I would lượt thích lớn congratulate you and your kiến thiết team; Pronunciationnguồn is an excellent teaching tool.

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It is also the program of choice by mostof our students in our English Language Institute because of its ease of use,logical sequencing, variety and overall capathành phố of the program.We look forward lớn receiving your future products & ongoing updates." StewartPresident & CEOThe YMCA of Greater Vancouver"Pronunciation Power nguồn is truly one of the best and most powerful piecesof software for students lớn improve their pronunciation of the English language.Compatible for both the Macintosh và Windows operating systems, studentscan spkết thúc hours improving their pronunciation as well as listening skills.And, most importantly, it"s very interactive & easy to lớn use! I can highlyrecommkết thúc this excellent product." Dave SperlingCalifornia State University, NorthridgeDave"s ESL Cafe (nguồn gives the user a wonderfully exciting experience to learnon one"s own.Kathryn ChiuManager Language Training SectionProctor and Gamble Corporate Training Group, China"Pronunciation nguồn has built in steps khổng lồ developing fluency, beginningwith listening exercises which concentrate on receptive sầu skills and buildingup to lớn recording pronunciation exercises.

Students can hear the sound replayedas often as necessary, và record their voices for comparison. A visual representationof the sound aids pronunciation. A variety of activities reinforce the targetsounds. Instructors can listen lớn the recordings and provide feedbaông xã. Highermàn chơi students can cope well with the written descriptions of sounds.

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Thesound analysis feature is quality and could benefit students at all pointson the câu lạc bộ spectrum. Rating: Excellent."

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National ESL Software InventoryESL/LINC Software Database ProjectOttawa Board of Education"Pronunciation Power nguồn is an excellent tool for students lớn learn thecorrect pronunciation of sounds as they are used in the English language.My students are extremely pleased with its easy lớn use & effective sầu thiết kế.This software stands out as the best in its class & nothing compares inits price range. It is affordable, comprehensive sầu và gives hours upon hoursof solid practice. This products stands alone with its numerous lessons, exercises& visual feedback. The speech analysis lets learners see where they"re goingwrong, even if they can"t hear it.

Pronunciation nguồn is an outstanding pieceof educational software, I"d recommover it for any second language learner."