Tải Kakaotalk Cho Pc

PC Version

Use KakaoTalk on your personal computer. KakaoTalk for PC offers chat và other useful features. Available on Windows and macOS.

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Show yourself with your KakaoTalk profile. Add your favorite photos, stickers & music khổng lồ your KakaoTalk protệp tin and let others know who you really are.


Open Chat

The easiest way to find new friends that nói qua the same interests. Go to Open Chat & tìm kiếm for friends based on your interests.

Kakao View

A new way lớn look at contents, Kakao View.Discover & collect the various contents of the View Editor according lớn your taste.

Sharp (#) Search

Use # Search khổng lồ search từ khóa during chats. You can search và cốt truyện the results with your friends instantly in the chatroom.


Sometimes it’s difficult to lớn express your feelings with words alone.Emoticons (emojis) can help express yourself lớn the fullest! Share your thoughts and emotions more accurately with emoticons.

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Kakao Shopping

Shop today through KakaoTalkQuickly and easily look through products offered on KakaoTalk's fourth tab, Kakao Shopping.

Kakao Channel

Business platsize anyone can create for không tính phí.Showcase your products or services in the Kakao Channeland tóm tắt it with other KakaoTalk users.

Kakao Mail

KakaoTalk is all you need! You can also access email from KakaoTalk.Exchange emails more conveniently with Kakao Mail, where you can getgmail notifications and have Jordy help you with simple replies.


There are ways khổng lồ spruce up your KakaoTalk, which you use daily.Include your favorite photo & characters to lớn create a customized theme & tóm tắt it with friends.

Kakao Wallet

Use Kakao Wallet, the safe and easy digital wallet offered by KakaoTalk.Easily access certificates to issue documents from major public websites.

Kakao Lab

New features are tested by users in the Lab before it is officially added khổng lồ KakaoTalk.The Kakao Team continues lớn strive sầu to provide only the best services.

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