Tải Youtube Cho Windows Phone 8

Earlier this year, Microsoft surprise its users by releasing its own YouTube app, complete with login và advanced management features of the popular streaming service. At the time, it was thought that Microsoft had come khổng lồ an agreement with Google over the app, but as it turns out that was not the case. After some bachồng và forth between the companies, Microsoft had agreed to pull the phầm mềm as they work on a new, compliant version with Google.

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Today, version of YouTube is now live on the Store for Windows Phone 7.x và Windows Phone 8 devices.

The new ứng dụng looks a lot like the tiện ích that was pulled & even includes an upload feature for posting videos directly lớn the service. That should reassure customers who believe the app would be stripped of functionality (one feature that seems to be missing is downloading of videos).


According to the ứng dụng description, the features include:

Pin any video clip, playlist, channel, and tìm kiếm queries to lớn Live sầu TilesManage your YouTube protệp tin with your chất lượng My YouTube pageManage your playlists, uploads, và Clip listsFind channels, videos, & playlists with the quick access search barShare videos lớn your social networks, e-mail, & text messagesLet your kids watch safe videos in Kid’s Corner & keep their own profile

The tiện ích is now available for older devices too, which is a great win for legacy users who have sầu felt left out lately from Microsoft’s releases.

You can tải về the now official (and legal) YouTube phầm mềm for Windows Phone here in the Store.

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Update: See our đoạn Clip tour of the ứng dụng in this follow up article



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