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Get the NEW Offline Version 2 on your computer! offline version is the most effective English learning software.

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With the offline version, you can get everything on on your computer with just one download.

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English Speaking Basics - Learn basics of speaking using comtháng expressionsRegular Daily English - Study commonly used sentences in an everyday settingBusiness English - Improve sầu communication và gain confidence in an officeInterview English - Prepare for any kind of English speaking interviewTravel English - Learn how lớn say important sentences while on vacationEnglish Listening - Improve listening skills with fun questions and answersEnglish Pronunciation - Sound good & be understoodEnglish Grammar - Set the proper foundation by learning basics of grammarIdioms và Phrases - Learn words that are hard to translateAdditional Benefits:Study without Internet connection such as on your máy tính xách tay in a coffee shopNo advertisements to lớn keep you focused on your studiesPrint out any PDF files và turn it into lớn a bookUse the audio files on your MP3 player to lớn submerge yourself anywhere you goContents of the NEW Offline Version 2
English Speaking Basics89 Lessons$đôi mươi Included
Regular English271 Lessons$50 Included
Business English80 Lessons$30 Included
Interview English127 Lessons$30 Included
Travel English37 Lessons$10 Included
English Listening102 Lessons$20 Included
Pronunciation Lessons19 Lessons$10 Included
English Grammar Basics30 Lessons$10 Included
Idioms and Phrases150 Lessons$đôi mươi Included
148 PDF files for printing934 Pages$10 Included
Short Audio Files (MP3)7924 MP3 files$50 Included
Long Audio Files (MP3)307 MP3 files$40 Included
RETAIL PRICE: $300SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $90INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $21Best of all, there are NO montly paymentsNO multiple products to lớn buy because you get EVERYTHING in one package.

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Option 1 ($21)
Option 1: You can get instant access. Download immediately và start using all the audio files.
The contents of Option 1 is exactly the same as the disk. However, if you have slow Internet connection, or are not familiar with computers, then Option 2 might be the right choice. The disk is not a CD or a DVD that you can play in a CD or DVD player. It is a data disk that you need to put in your computer.Time sensitive limited offer is for you!
Take advantage of this offer today & you will improve your English speaking!Limited Introductory Price: $90 > $21