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Jeta is a Wonderful Logo Designer Software. A Professional Logo Designer can charge hundreds of Dollars just for the simple logo! Why spend hundreds of dollars just for a logo, when you can get a fee one? Jeta Logo Creator 2021 Craông chồng is packed with 5 thous& readymade vector objects which can be customized according to lớn your needs. Jeta can also be used to create icons and Business cards. Business owner have lớn purchase the business plan. If you are individual và just want a logo for your own personal blog then you can use Jeta in any way you want.

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The Free version of Jeta comes along with over One thousvà ready-made custom vector designs. You have to drag separate vector items in order to create your own Logo for your site. Jeta is not limited lớn any specific nibịt or product. Just choose the category which best describes your nibít, Jeta will show you 100’s of readymade vector graphics which you can customize in the way you want.

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Icons can also customized the way you want.

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Exporting your project is the easiest thing in Jeta. Just choose the tệp tin format in which you want to convert your project. Jeta also supports PSD file format. You can edit your biểu tượng logo files in Illustrator or any other Logo designing software. The Business version of Jeta has more features as compare to the không tính tiền version. Developers are offering 100% Money baông xã guarantee on their business version. You can also use it for commercial purpose. You can avail the Business version in just 50$ which is a reasonable price for such type of useful software.

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Jeta Logo Creator 2021 Full Version Features

Easy to useAttractive sầu colorful và user-friendly interface5000+ vectors shapesHundreds of built-in shapes and fonts availableFree of costCreate unlimited logos

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