The macro cannot be found or has been disabled

I am getting the error that appears in the title and I already check the security settings, I have everything enabled và the Add-in is signed. I put the screenshot of how I have the options. If I have sầu everything enable why it can give sầu security problems?



I am using windows 8 & office 365. And the add-in that is not working is a powerpoint add-in. I try also some solutions that appears in this thread but no one works for me:

Bạn đang xem: The macro cannot be found or has been disabled

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asked Oct 31 "13 at 17:07

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I had the EXACT same problem with an addin which I developed for Powerpoint many years ago & now ran on some computers at my new company, but not others.

The tư vấn couldn"t help me & Google couldn"t really help me, but this thread came closest to lớn describing my situation.

The only comtháng denominator I eventually found was that 32-bit Office could run the addin, but not 64-bit.

So my solution was khổng lồ go through the VBA source code & replace my declaration variables according to this Microsoft post:

Maybe that could help you as well?

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answered Oct 13 "16 at 13:21

Peter ErikssonPeter Eriksson
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Create a simple PowerPoint presentation và save it as pp_HelloWorld.pptx

Add the following VBA procedure

Option ExplicitSub sbHelloWorld() MsgBox "Hello World!"End Sublớn a module in this presentation and save it as pp_HelloWorld.pptm

Cthua kém and reopen this presentation pp_HelloWorld.pptm and the macro will work from the Developer > Macros > Run option

Put the following custom ribbon code

into a tệp tin called PowerPoint.officeUI

& put this file in the folder


(this may be hidden initially)

Cthất bại & reopen this presentation pp_HelloWorld.pptm và the macro will work from the Developer > Macros > Run option

The macro will not work from the macro button New Tab > sbHelloWorld and gives the message -

"The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your Macro security settings"

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