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Developer: Iron Lore EntertainmentRelease date: 2007Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: Action-RPGVersion: 1.1

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Titung Quest: Immortal Throne is an expansion paông xã khổng lồ the 2006 action role-playing haông xã và slash đoạn phim game Tirã Quest. Developed by Iron Lore Entertainment, it was originally published by THQ in 2007: it would be Iron Lore"s last original project prior khổng lồ their closure in 2008. Following directly on from the events of Tichảy Quest, Immortal Throne follows the player character as they are confronted by a new wave of monsters attacking the mortal realm from the Underworld. chơi Game is identical lớn that of Titung Quest, with navigation through locations around the Ancient world & action combat. For Immortal Throne, improvements were made khổng lồ the inventory system and multiplayer, và a new character class was added.

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Development began in July 2006 after work was completed on Tirã Quest, with preparatory work beginning prior khổng lồ this. Staff members returned while assuming different roles to lớn the original game: Michael Verrette produced, Michael Sheidow acted as art director, the script was written by Dean O"Donnell, while Arthur Bruno took over as main designer. Scott Morton returned to lớn compose new tracks. The concept was lớn both exp& upon the narrative sầu of Tirã Quest và improve the gameplay experience. It also went for a darker aesthetic compared to the original. Announced in November 2006, it released khổng lồ a positive sầu critical reception & favorable sales.


Like its predecessor Tirã Quest, Immortal Throne is an action role-playing game where the player-created character navigates environments within the Ancient World: in Immortal Throne, the player begins by exploring locations like Rhodes and Epirus, before entering the Underworld & passing through supernatural locations such as the Styx & Elysium. Players progress through the story và different locations by completing quests from non-playable characters (NPCs) for various rewards, including money và experience points.

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Combat happens in real-time, featuring a haông xã và slash style where the player character attacks enemies highlighted with the mouse. As the character gains experience levels through completing quests và killing enemies, they can access Mastery skill trees linked to different combat styles, similar to a character class system: players can have access to a primary and secondary skill tree, which grand either passive or active sầu boons upon characters. Items and equipment, which include new armor và weapons alongside healing potions, are acquired from defeated enemies or purchased from merchants. Players of the original Tirã Quest can import their current selected character inlớn Immortal Throne, while new players must complete the main chiến dịch before accessing Immortal Throne.

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Immortal Throne features multiple additions và alterations over Tichảy Quest. The main addition is a new Mastery titled Dream Mastery: available lớn new players from the start of the main campaign, it is a magic-focused skill that relies on illusion and stasis effects lớn disrupt enemy groups. Amuốn the abilities available are putting nearby enemies lớn sleep until they are hit by a weapon strike, turning enemies on each other, và effects which make enemies take damage when they strike the player or faster health and energy recovery. In addition khổng lồ extra quests, new items and equipment are included. An additional thành phầm slot for the player character is reserved for Artifacts, charms crafted for the player by Enchanters after the player discovers enough Arcane Formulae after defeating enemies. Artifacts are divided into three levels (Lesser, Greater and Divine), which grant a variety of status effects depending on their cấp độ. A separate type of cống phẩm are Scrolls, expendable items that produce powerful effects và can be equipped in a similar fashion lớn healing potions. Additional sellers và storage Caravans are included in between towns. Multiplayer functions return from the original game, while adding refinements such as the ability khổng lồ automatically join parties và engage in player-versus-player matches.


Immortal Throne picks up immediately after the events of the main game: after the titung Typhon has been defeated, the Olympian gods hail the player character as humanity"s anh hùng, và decide that the human world can function without their protection. The player is transported to Rhodes, where a new wave sầu of monsters has appeared: this is blamed by Tiresias on the player"s activities creating strife in the Underworld, the source of the monsters. To discover the reason behind the attacks, the player must seek out the sorceress Medea, who sends the player to lớn a region near the Pindos Mountains. Following a path into them, the player finds the path into the Underworld, where the dead are trapped in limbo due to the Judges of the Underworld no longer passing sentence on them. After the player defeats Charon và Cerberus, who have abandoned their original purposes, they head through Elysium. The player learns that Hades, god of the Underworld, is launching an attack on the living world now that the more powerful Olympians have sầu left humanity unprotected. After trapping Hades" army in the Underworld, the player then defeats Hades himself. Persephone then appears, dubs the player "Godsbane" & declares that humans have sầu earned the right to lớn control both life and death.

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Operating System:
 Microsoft Windows XPhường. / 7Processor: Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XPhường 1,8 GHzRAM: 512 MBVideo Card: NVIDIA GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 64 MBHard disk space: 5 GB
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