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Plug the USB into lớn the computer as usual và suddenly find no data present; While the drive sầu capathành phố is still occupied ... Using all kinds of ways is still not done, bởi vì not rush khổng lồ Format USB but please calmly Reviews this article to lớn be able lớn save your data.

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Plug the USB inkhổng lồ the computer as usual and suddenly find no data present;While the drive capađô thị is still occupied . Using all kinds of ways is still not done, bởi vì not rush khổng lồ Format USB but please calmly Đánh Giá this article lớn be able lớn save sầu your data.

1. Analysis of phenomena

- Currently the vi khuẩn hides data on USB is spreading very fast in the network community and there are many variations with the common consequence often: hide all data on USB that you can not any way displayed again, when Copying new data to lớn USB still works but it will inevitably evaporate after the copy process is complete .

- You use an extremely powerful Antivirut scanning program on this USB, you can see that the virus is destroyed but the data is not visible: at this time, many people believe sầu that it is safe lớn use USB Format to lớn thoroughly destroy the virus but forget that using this method means your valuable data will be gone forever.

- First of all, if you encounter this situation, you should update the latest Antivirut program khổng lồ scan the whole USB lớn kill all the detected Viruses: the data is still not displayed even if you use the function Show hidden files và folders in Windows Explorer .

- Before we show you how to lớn fix it, let"s analyze a bit about the properties of files and folders on Windows so that we can better understvà the mechanism of this virut. Normally Windows normally manages data types including File and Folder with 3 basic properties of concern:

Hidden (hidden attribute)Read-Only (read-only attribute)System (system properties, not displayed when browsing files as regular files)

For the first two properties you can view, change it by right-clicking and selecting Properties (of the file or folder). But the third attribute will normally be irreversible: khổng lồ change it, you must use the Comm& Line (DOS commvà line window) or another similar software. This third attribute is the attribute that the virus adds to all the documents on your USB so that it does not appear.

- You can refer khổng lồ one of the following ways to show the data is hidden by vi khuẩn.

2. Some remedies:

2.1 By hand:

- Go to lớn Start -> Run -> type cmd -> Enter .

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- Next move sầu the current folder khổng lồ the drive sầu (or your folder is hidden) by typing the command:


- Here X: is the drive name, " " - the path may not be available (usually because the virus hides all the data on the drive, so we may not need to lớn care about this argument).

-> Example: Here you need khổng lồ move sầu to drive sầu G, type " G: " (G here is a USB drive)


- When you are standing in the root of the virus infected drive (finished already) we start using the command khổng lồ change the properties with all files & directories:

" attrib -s -h -a * / s / d "


- After typing the above comm&, reopening the drive sầu / thư mục will see all your files và folders appear again.

2.2. Use the Tool - Fix:

* FixAttrb (BKAV tool):

- This tool is very easy lớn use: activate the program khổng lồ select the drive sầu / thư mục as it works right away.


* UnHide Folder XP 1.0 (author Nguyen Quan):

- This is a tool lớn overcome quite a good situation of virus turning directory into shortcut shortcut.


- Activate the tool> cliông xã the Choose folder button to put the path khổng lồ the USB drive: you can select some additional properties on the main interface> cliông xã Scan hidden khổng lồ start the program (after data If you vì, you can delete the shortcuts that the vi khuẩn created.

* Tool USB Hidden Folder Fix 1.1 :

- Cliông chồng the Browse button to lớn enter the path khổng lồ the USB drive> cliông chồng the Yes button ! UnHide the Folders! Let the program start working.


3. Summary:

Experience shows that depending on the situation that the virut causes on your USB, you can choose which method to lớn restore the data. If there is no support tool available in your hand, choose manually by the comm& line, if you see a USB shortcut that appears in the folder, use UnHide Folder XPhường 1.0 ; If there is nothing left on the drive sầu root, use Tool USB Hidden Folder Fix 1.1 for the best results (most important thing is khổng lồ make sure your USB has been cleared of the virus before proceeding.) Practice one of the above sầu options), wish you success.

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