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Professional embroidery & apparel decoration thiết kế software

Take any logo sản phẩm & transkhung it into embroidery with Wilcom EmbroideryStudio.

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Make more money by digitising your own designs. Produce better looking embroidery than your competitors & get it done faster.

It’s what the Pros useWilcom EmbroideryStudio is the industry standard. It’s used by more punching houses & fashion designers than any other brand – và it’s never been more affordable.

Software that makes you money

Prospect new businesses with an embroidered sample that you’ve digitised in-house.React instantly to customer dem&. Now you can take on that last minute rush order and charge extra for the privilege.Make designs run more efficiently by reducing stitch counts and trims.



Includes CorelDraw X6

CorelDraw & Wilcom work together within the same program. They sit baông xã khổng lồ bachồng so you can switch effortlessly from one program to lớn the other.

Graphics ModeAuto-Trace artwork & convert to embroidery or appliqué.

Embroidery ModeConvert an embroidery thiết kế inlớn vector art.

Multi Decoration

Once in vector format, the designs you make can be used for printing, embroidery, appliqué, rhinestones and sequins.

Create designs that use a mixture of decoration techniques, all in the same work space và export the files in one go.


Over 165 Ready khổng lồ embroider fontsAutomatically convert true type fonts to lớn embroideryPlace text on arcs, circles or define your own baselinesChange the direction that letters are stitched such as center out for capsSpecially created fonts designed for for stitching small text


How many hours have sầu you spent moving letters left và right so they sit just right? Wilcom remembers how you like the letters to lớn be positioned so you never have to lớn bởi vì it again. This feature is called Update Kerning Values.

Ever had a font that needs modifying? Select the letter using the reshape tool & modify the outline. Save sầu the changes under a new name và it will be available to lớn use in the future. This feature is called User Refined Lettering.



Stitch Types

EmbroideryStudio includes all of these stitch types as standard. You can change the properties of each one khổng lồ produce different results.

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SatinZig-ZagE StitchTatangươi FillProgram SplitJagged EdgeRun Stitch TypesStandard RunManual RunTriple RunManual Triple RunStem StitchBack Stitch

True View

Change the design view lớn True View Mode & it will look lượt thích real life embroidery. Replace the background colour with one of the 23 fabric swatches or use a garment image from the Product Visualiser.

Product Visualiser

Pick from a library of 50 garment images và change them lớn any colour. Position your embroidery kiến thiết on the image and print off a customer approval size.

No more mistakes

The sản phẩm image is saved with embroidery thiết kế so next time the tệp tin is opened the production staff will know exactly where khổng lồ stitch it.

Productivity Features

Outlines and OffsetsAutomatically add borders around shapes & letters.

Fabric AssistantPiông chồng a fabric from the list and Wilcom automatically applies the recommended underlay, pull compensation & stitch mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa settings.

StylesSave sầu favorite settings as a style and apply them to new objects with one cliông xã.

Closest JoinThe software manages start và over points as you digitise.

BranchingSelect groups of overlapping objects and the software will join them together.

Auto lớn Appliqué

Appliqué files consist of a run stitch, taông chồng down stitch, underlay & satin border with frame outs and stops. The task generating these files và functions has been automated into 3 simple steps.

Select the Aukhổng lồ Appliqué tool & draw around the shapeSet the frame out position so you can stichồng down the appliqué fabricHit enter to generate the stitches

Partial AppliquéAppliqué stitches look bulky where they overlap. Partial Appliqué will ignore the borders that can’t be seen. See figure 1 & figure 2 opposite.

Combine AppliquéRe-sequences the way borders of the same colour are sewn for quicker production.

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PC specifications for Wilcom software

Cheông chồng whether you have the right hardware to lớn ensure the software runs at its best.The following are the minimum & recommended system requirements for the Wilcom embroidery software. Wilcom e3 software is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.If you prefer you can also run Wilcom software on a Mac.

*Although Windows XP. (32bit) is supported, Wilcom highly recommkết thúc you consider updating khổng lồ Windows 7 or Windows 8

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