A new X-Men movie is in theaters, which means there’s another post-credits sequence to lớn dissect. Director Bryan Singer made his triumphant return to lớn the franchise with the 70s-phối X-Men: Days of Future Past, which very clearly set up the following installment with its post-credits sequence teasing the villain Apocalypse in Ancient Egypt. Indeed, the world’s first mutant took center stage in X-Men: Apocalypse, which is now playing everywhere, but what did Singer và Co. decide on to follow this film up? Well, it’s a bit less clear.

If you’ve sầu seen X-Men: Apocalypse and you stayed until after the credits, you saw a sequence set in the aftermath of Wolverine/Weapon X’s murderous rage at Stryker’s Alkali Lake facility, where Stryker was jailing (và experimenting on) mutants. In the post-credits scene, we trachồng a handful of Men in Black-looking mysterious folks, who walk over the many, many dead bodies khổng lồ head straight lớn a lab facility where they collect what appears to lớn be a blood sample from Weapon X. This sample is added khổng lồ a briefcase that houses a number of other different colored samples, and the stinger comes when the briefcase closes and we see the name “Essex Corp.”

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nathaniel-essex Image via Marvel Comics
So, yeah, you may be a little confused. First, Weapon X. In the comics, the Weapon X program is a secret government project conducted by William Stryker, Jr. in which he turns mutants and humans inlớn living weapons via enhanced superpowers. Wolverine marked the tenth version, & was therefore referred khổng lồ as Weapon X. So in this case, Weapon X is Wolverine who has been “enhanced” by Stryker, which one assumes is where he gets his Adamantium Claws in this post-Days of Future Past timeline. The main point of this post-credits scene, though, is the “Essex Corp.” name, which appears lớn be teasing a villain known as Mr. Sinister. The character was born Nathaniel Essex & became a biologist in 19th Century London, where he developed a svào fondness for Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution. Essex is a bit of a eugenics-influenced baddie, as he became convinced that Darwin’s theory was shackled by too many moral constraints và set out khổng lồ perfect human evolution by emphasizing what he called “Essex Factors” in the human genome, which he felt were the cause of increasing mutation. Following the death of his son, Essex began a downward spiral that saw hyên mocked by his contemporaries for his unorthodox ideas & experiments. After being confronted by the awakened Apocalypse, who supported Essex’s ideas, his experiments grew even more grotesque, going so far as to dig up his deceased son khổng lồ perform further work. Upon realizing the extent of his experiments, Essex’s wife grew disgusted, and with her dying words described hlặng as “utterly… và contemptibly… sinister.”

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mister-sinister Image via Marvel Comics
With his child và now wife dead, Essex went full villain, and Apocalypse transformed hlặng inkhổng lồ an ageless being with telekinesis, at which time he took on the name of “Mr. Sinister.” From there, the comics stories grow more complicated and convoluted, so it’s unclear how, exactly, Mr. Sinister will surface in the X-Men films (especially since Apocalypse won"t seem to lớn factor into lớn his origins), but the intention with this post-credits scene certainly seems to lớn be to lớn tease his arrival.

Given Sinister"s obsession with genetics and perfecting the genetic code, sothe collection of blood samples here via these Men in Blaông xã seems to lớn suggest that Weapon X’s blood may be put to villainous use in Sinister’s pursuits. But the question then becomes, which movie is this post-credits scene teasing? Singer và writer/producer Simon Kinberg have revealed their intention to lớn phối the next X-Men sequel in the 1990s, but there are a lot of behind-the-scenes factors that could inform how soon we might see another proper X-Men sequel. Contracts were up for Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy at the end of Apocalypse, và per their new contracts, if one of them decides not to return in the future, none of them will. That complicates matters as these are three incredibly busy performers, but it’s possible we could see the 90s-phối X-Men film only involve McAvoy’s Professor X in a less prominent role—lượt thích a glorified cameo, perhaps?

x-men-apocalypse-jennifer-lawrence-image Image via 20th Century Fox
The X-Men universe continues lớn expvà, however, so it’s also possible that Mr. Sinister pops up in a different film altogether. Production is underway on Hugh Jackman"s final Wolverine movie, The Fault in Our Stars filmmaker Josh Boone is writing và directing New Mutants, which could start filming early next year, and Deadpool 2 is deep in development and on its way lớn building khổng lồ an X-Force movie. And then there’s Gambit, which may or may not eventually happen. So there are a lot of different ways Mr. Sinister could pop up & wreak havoc. Singer is next directing a new iteration of đôi mươi,000 Leagues Under the Sea, so if he"s directing the next X-Men movie, the turnaround here won’t be as quick as Days of Future Past and Apocalypse. We may have a while to lớn wait, but Mr. Sinister’s arrival is definitely imminent.

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